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Questions to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Home

There are several things to consider when choosing a funeral home. Here are three questions you should ask to help you find the funeral home that is right for your needs.

Is the funeral home a member of the New York State Funeral Directors Association?

Members of the New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA) are committed to providing families with a higher standard of funeral service care.

In 2009, NYSFDA adopted an enforceable Code of Ethics which applies to all members of the statewide trade association. Because they take their responsibility to serve the public as funeral directors very seriously, they are required to sign a pledge to adhere to the Code when they apply for NYSFDA membership each year.

Whether you choose burial or cremation, traditional services or a celebration of life – a NYSFDA member is there to help.

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Is the funeral home centrally located for your family and friends?

The location of the funeral home can be vital to having things go smoothly. When selecting a funeral home, also consider the burial site location or place of worship if applicable.

Find your neighborhood NYSFDA funeral home with our easy search feature.

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Do you feel like the funeral director understands the type of funeral you want?

Choose a funeral home that can help you can create a meaningful funeral or memorial service that will help your family and friends take an important step in the journey toward healing after death. Funeral directors are also there to provide support and guidance in advance of a death. Funerals can range from simple to very elaborate; there are a variety of ways to celebrate a life in a personal and meaningful way. Remember too, it is possible to have a full funeral service even if you choose cremation.

NYSFDA members are experienced at listening and advising families how they can best design the perfect celebration-of-life, no matter your religion or culture. They can help explore your funeral service options with you in detail, taking all the time you need.

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IMPORTANT TIP: Ask for recommendations!

Think of choosing a funeral director the same way you would a doctor or attorney. Get recommendations from family, friends and neighbors.

Then, schedule a pre-arrangement conference with the funeral home you’ve chosen. Your funeral director will help you explore your options and once you have selected services and merchandise, (s)he will prepare a preneed agreement and fully itemized statement for your review. Your funeral director will also discuss payment options – many people choose to prepay in full, or you can often work out a payment schedule.