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More than 900 funeral homes across New York State belong to the New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA). Each member funeral home is unique, but they all share a passion for helping people in times of need. Everything they do is guided by the desire to honor the deceased and treat the surviving family members and friends with respect.

NYSFDA members take their responsibility to serve the public as funeral directors very seriously. Every member signs a pledge annually stating they will uphold our Code of Ethics. This code holds funeral directors accountable for treating decedents and families in a manner that is fair, professional and appropriate. When you work with a funeral home that belongs to NYSFDA, you can have confidence that your funeral director is looking out for your best interests.

Founded in 1889, NYSFDA is among the oldest associations of funeral directors in the country. We support our member funeral homes through consumer education, continuing education for funeral directors, advocacy, legal compliance support, professional development initiatives and more. Our mission is to enhance the environment in which our members operate and to promote the highest standards of funeral service to the public.

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